Lexus IS200/IS300 Alarm Siren Removal

My theft warning siren was going off independently of the alarm system. Here is how to remove it.

Update: If you wish to maintain the siren, here is a preliminary guide for battery replacement Siren backup battery replacement by charsiurice

The siren is behind the right side boot lining. Start by pulling it.

Click for full size

The siren is installed on the back side of that panel with the white plug.

Click for full size

Removal is as follows:

  • Remove the 2 gold nuts (10mm)
  • Pull out the siren module
  • Unclip the connector

Cable tie the connector in a position so it won’t rattle.

Click for full size

Reinstall the boot liner.

Click for full size

Removing the siren doesn’t seem to cause any issues; both the alarm and central locking still work.


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