Lenovo 100S-14IBR power socket solder repair

This is a common problem on Lenovos, remedied temporarily by pushing in the charger plug.

This is my effected model

Circled below is the problem area. The center pin of the plug is connected to the ring, the hard wire is connected to the board. The problem occurs when the connection between the two breaks. We will repair this with a solder joint. To do this repair you will need to remove the board from the machine, if you’re unsure how to do this refer to youtube disassembly videos.

Bottom side of board, as viewed with bottom case removed
Top side with board removed from case

Once the board is removed from the case you will have access to the top side as shown above. This is where we have enough access to solder a connection.

Top side, repaired

Flow solder between the two parts, as shown above.

Bottom side, to be reinstalled

This repair worked well.


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