Lexus IS200 1G-FE manual throttle body

There is a manual throttle body available for 1G-FE vvti motors. They can be found on GXE10 Altezzas and late (vvti 1G) GX100s, only on the non-TRC variants. They have stepper motor idle control, so will not be compatible with an IS200 ECU.

E-throttle on the left, Mechanical on the right (click for full size):

This is an option for running aftermarket ecus which don’t support drive-by-wire. They can be found easily and cheaply on yahoo japan, but you will need a forwarding service or local agent to send it to you.

There’s been talk about this option on forums and youtube comments for years without solid information, so I hope this clears things up a bit.

GXE10 機械式スロットルボディ (GXE10 Mechanical Throttle Body) [22210-70420]


IS200 / IS300 Service Manual 2

is200 3

Here is an archive copy of the altezza service section from In contrast to the earlier posted manual, this has the:

  • Automatic Transmission section of the Repair Manual
  • Body Repair Manual
  • Electronic Wiring Diagram
  • New Car Features, Supplementary Data Sheets

Unfortunately the menu system isn’t functional so you need to manually trawl the pdf’s for the section you want.

IS300 and GS300 Xenon bulbs the same?

Checking on, part numbers are as follows:



Visually they look identical.

Narva catalogue lists Narva 49301 is listed as fitting both applications. lists a Philips D4R 42406 XenEco as fitting both applications.

Cressida Lower Control Arm Polyurethane Bushes – Same as IS300?

Regarding front lower control arm inner bushes, this site has the part listed as fitting both MX83 Cressida and JCE10 IS300:

As the superpro catalogue doesn’t list a MX83 lower control arm inner bush, it would be nice to confirm that it fits. Here’s the superpro info page for that part:

Superpro SPF3039K page

Note it doesn’t list MX83 on the application list.

Having both XE10 bushes and MX83 arms, I can confirm this WILL NOT fit. Measurements are taken off a new set of XE10 TRD bushes, and a set of used oem MX83 lower arms. Note the superpro part doesn’t include an outer shell, so measurements are taken on the inside of the existing shell.

XE10 on the left, Cressida on the right:

Inner tube length


Inner tube ID


Outer tube length


Outer tube ID



Lexus IS200 starter motor brush repair

This procedure is relevant to other Toyota planetary gear starters.

The exact factory procedure is under Starter Components in the TSRM

Symptoms of the problem:

  • No tick, tack from the starter solenoid when turning the key.
  • Tapping the starter with a stick while turning the key agitates the starter enough to start.

The starter solenoid has 1 power and 2 grounds: one ground to the body of the starter, and one ground through the starter motor. Both grounds need to be connected for the electromagnetic solenoid to pull in.

The problem is not with the solenoid itself, but with the grounding through the starter. This can be verified by:

  • Disconnecting the high current input to the solenoid input post
  • Disconnecting the link between the solenoid output post and the starter motor
  • Connecting ground to the solenoid output post
  • Connecting ground to the starter assembly body

Then power the solenoid signal +12v, it should pull in reliably every time.

Tapping the starter with a stick agitates the motor brushes to make better contact on the commutator, making a better ground through the motor. Based on these symptoms the brushes or commutator in the starter motor are worn out.

Pull the starter and dissassemble:


Usually we start by taking the other end off, but here we can see the brushes are 100% finished. 2 barely protrude from the brush holders. Where did they go? That pile of graphite tells the story.


The commutator is scored and filled with worn graphite. I wasn’t sure if this would be reusable.


Cleaned off and sanded it down


The minimum service specification is 27.0mm. This one is OK to be reused.


Here’s the brush holder end. The brush holder assembly is replaceable and can be ordered from Toyota. This is for a 1999 IS200 with a 0.8kw starter. If yours is different check the catalogue

  • 1x 28140-70020 HOLDER ASSY, STARTER BRUSH
  • 2x 28142-70020 STARTER KIT (these are the negative brushes)

The brush holder assembly contains the positive brushes. The negative brushes are separate and have to be crimped on to posts on the field body. Details of this whole job are in the service manual.

Lexus IS200/IS300 Alarm Siren Removal

My theft warning siren was going off independently of the alarm system. Here is how to remove it.

Update: If you wish to maintain the siren, here is a preliminary guide for battery replacement Siren backup battery replacement by charsiurice

The siren is behind the right side boot lining. Start by pulling it.

Click for full size

The siren is installed on the back side of that panel with the white plug.

Click for full size

Removal is as follows:

  • Remove the 2 gold nuts (10mm)
  • Pull out the siren module
  • Unclip the connector

Cable tie the connector in a position so it won’t rattle.

Click for full size

Reinstall the boot liner.

Click for full size

Removing the siren doesn’t seem to cause any issues; both the alarm and central locking still work.