Disable Google now feed on left side of android home screen

I wanted to turn off the undesired news feed to the left of my home screen. Most information on the internet regarding this is outdated, as the slider to disable the feed is no longer present in the “My Feed” settings.

Here is a partial solution: Disable “Feed” in Google Search App on Android 6.0+

In summary:

  1. Clear the cache and data of the Google App
    • Settings > Apps > Google > Storage > Clear Cache
    • Settings > Apps > Google > Storage > Manage Space > Clear All Data

    Be aware: this will reset the layout of your icons on the home screen

  2. Never open the Google app again from the all apps>G icon (using the google bar still works)

In my experience:
When opening the Google app and pressing skip to avoid setting up the feed, it will install the feed as a panel on your home screen anyway.

Google products are infuriating, and I hope this has helped you.