JZS160/UZS161 TSRM – GS300 GS430 Service Manual



Is a 2nd gen. Lexus GS300 service manual with GS430 supplement sections. Although not included, it is very relevant for GS400 cars. Predominantly LHD, but has notes on RHD applications. The original menu system only works on old versions of internet explorer.


  • Body Repair Manual
  • Electronic Wiring Diagram
  • New Car Features
  • Repair Manual
  • Supplementary Data Sheets

I don’t host these things, so if the link breaks contact me.

GXE10/JCE10 TSRM – IS200 IS300 Service Manual


Here and Here

Is a 1st gen. Lexus IS200 service manual with IS300 supplement sections all together in one zip. Sedan and Wagon body styles, in both LHD and RHD. It’s not the most organized but it’s usable.

Note: It seems to be missing the Automatic Transmission sections. An updated link will be provided once these are found

Update: Here is an updated manual with extra sections